285A7197I am just putting the finishing touches to Emma and Carli’s wedding and I just couldn’t wait to share these photos with you.


Every time I think about their day, I can’t help but smile. I shed a few tears during their ceremony, sung my heart out as they walked down the aisle, cried and laughed so hard during their speeches, did a shot of rum during the toasts,  danced the night away and I walked away feeling like I had made friends for life.

285A7176285A7183  285A7204 285A7229 285A7242 285A7285 285A7300 285A7304


  1. Lisa, these photos are absolutely gorgeous, you always manage to capture something really beautiful! Very inspiring! *high five* 🙂
    Julie x

  2. I LOVE these photos! Especially the minimal black and white ones. Gorgeous work!

  3. gorgeous pics miss Jane, as usual x


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