I’m here for the celebrations and the declarations of love

I’m here for the small weddings, the 20 strong congregation, the 2 witnesses ceremonies.

I’m here for 400 strong celebrations where the old traditions are celebrated.

I’m here for the quick ceremonies so you can get to the pub and celebrate.

and …

I’m here for the hour long one with hand written vows, songs as wedding readings and letters that celebrate the love.

I’m here for the entrance music that makes your heart skip a beat.

and …

that look you get as you walk down the aisle.

I’m here for saying the wrong words and the giggles that follow

and …

that moment you have to stare at the ceiling to hold back the tears and find your words.

I’m here for the proud faces as family and friends look on 

And the relief as you find each other’s hands at the top of the aisle.

I’m here for that cheer as you are declared married, (trust me, your heart will pound as that roar fills your ears)

I’m here for the shit eating grin as you walk out married

and …

that huge hug as you get a moment to yourselves.

I’m here for the anticipation of the confetti, 

the most colourful explosion of love you will ever get to see

I am here for the family portraits, that will stand the test of time, 

the little adjustments of ties, bouquets and glasses as you stand ready for your portrait.

I am here for wandering the streets, giving you space.

I am here for the hugs and laughter, proudly showing off the ring and talking about that dress and those shoes.

I’m here for the cuddles with your girls and the hugs from the boys, the introductions of friends and family.

The secret match making and celebratory cocktails.

I’m here for the quiet drink in your favourite pub, a photo in the spot of your first date, wandering the streets like you did at the start.

I’m here for the speeches that speak of your independence and strength, your journey to this point.

I’m here for the embarrassing tales and the cheeky jokes that the select few will laugh at.

I’m here for those reaching hands, looking for the comfort and support of the one you love.

The moment where someone wipes away a happy tear.

I’m here for secret glances across the room as you spot each other through the crowd.

That little nod, checking in that you are doing ok.

I’m here for the tentative first steps onto the dance floor and that awkward moment before the music starts.

I’m here for getting lost in each other’s arms as you quietly sing that song, your song.

I’m here for the song that brings your gang to the dance floor,

that surrounds you with your people, singing your hearts out.

I’m here to be a part of it all, to document the love, the moments, the laughter