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So today is Jess & Jordan’s 1st wedding anniversary.

This time last year I was heading down to Worthing to photograph their wedding. As always, on the way to the wedding,  I was full or nerves and excitement, hoping the weather held out for their portraits. On the way back from their wedding, I was full of energy,  feeling very lucky that I had been a part of their day, excited by the moments I had captured and a little overwhelmed by the support they had around them.

I still need to share their full wedding with you but today I have decided to share the impossible project polaroids from their wedding day.

Lisa Jane Photography-Jess&Jordan-polaroids-003 Lisa Jane Photography-Jess&Jordan-polaroids-004 Lisa Jane Photography-Jess&Jordan-polaroids-005 Lisa Jane Photography-Jess&Jordan-polaroids-001 Lisa Jane Photography-Jess&Jordan-polaroids-002

1 year on and these guys are a staple in my weekly life.  Not a week goes by when I don’t chat to these two.  Numerous slices of pizza have been consumed, copious amounts of coffee have been drunk, adventures have been had and there was 24 hours in Berlin (but more on that in another blog post)

Hanging out with these two, you realise anything is possible. They are creating the most amazing life together and are so in love!

Happy Anniversary Guys!

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  1. Absolutely love these! You’re The Daddy of Polaroids! Xxx


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