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Oct 25, 2010 | black and white, british, Fashion, film, holga, london, Photographers, the photography parlour, tilt shift, UK, Vintage, wedding

I have mentioned The Photography Parlour a couple of times on this blog and I have nothing but positive things to say about the site. Rather than allowing the photography industry to become secular and competitive in a negative way, the site brings together photographers, allowing us to share and learn from each other.
I have already met up with a number of photographers to take part in shoot swaps and I got very excited when a discussion about a vintage shoot started.  Eager to learn and develop my skills I jumped at the chance to get involved.  
The shoot took place back in September and I have held off blogging about the day until now as Kat from Rock n’ Roll Bride wanted to use my photographs for a feature she was working on.
Below are some of my favourite photos from the shoot but you can find more of my photos over on Rock n’ Roll Bride. Also, check out flickr to see photographs by everyone involved in the day.

Dress Designers / Dress Suppliers / Accessories / Shoes
Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations: www.kosibah.co.uk
June Victor & David Wightman of Vintage Modes: www.vintagemodes.co.uk 
Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Boudoir:www.luellasboudoir.co.uk/ 
Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive:www.umiandco.com

Event Stylists & Vintage Prop suppliers
Katie Coakes & Rosie Watson of Roses All Over: www.rosesallover.com 
Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive:www.umiandco.com

Umi & Co Vintage at the Beehive:www.umiandco.com
Casbah Records at the Beehive:www.casbahrecords.com/index2.htm 
Meridian Adventure Play centre, Thames Street Greenwich 
Old Royal Naval College

Make Up Artist
Juliet Onyeka:www.modelmayhem.com/1755323 

Headpieces & Hats
June Victor of Vintage Modes:www.vintagemodes.co.uk
Rachel Attwell of Luella’s Boudoir:www.luellasboudoir.co.uk/
Jemima Williams of Little Red Robin Hood:www.jemimawilliams.co.uk/ 

Sophia Louise:www.modelmayhem.com/849846 
Jemima Williams:www.jemimawilliams.co.uk
Sarune: www.modelmayhem.com/1589339 
Lynsey Wheater
Cherilyn Leeson


  1. Excellent work lady!

  2. Lovely images!

  3. I love the tilt-shift almost as much as I love freckles. Nice pictures Lisa, they’d make great business cards!

  4. I love your different and unique perspective! It’s very impressive.


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