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Jan 12, 2016 | moments

First Look at The Barbican Conservatory

Last week I shared the story behind one of my favourite wedding photographs. I really enjoyed sharing the story so I decided to make this a regular feature.  I’ve just delivered these photos to Sarah and Stuart and there is something so special about this moment of Sarah waiting to see her soon to be husband at their Barbican Conservatory wedding.

Sarah and Stuart decided to see each other before they got married. We found the perfect spot in amongst all the plants in the Barbican Conservatory and Sarah waited for her husband to be to appear. It was quiet and peaceful in there. Warm and sheltered from the rain and the wind outside. There was a sense of anticipation in the air and as I got into position for Stuart to walk in, I noticed Sarah looking up in awe of her surroundings, marvelling at what was about to unfold that day.

She was calm, ready and a little nervous for Stuart to see her.

Standing in her beautiful shoes, a dress she fell in love with, in their favourite spot, about to get married.

She looks completely lost in thought, taking in all the little details that surround her on this magical day.

I love this moment, completely calm and quiet when the wind was howling outside and the guests waited with excitement and anticipation of sitting down for the ceremony.

Barbican conservatory wedding photography

I love shooting first looks. It stops the nerves and gives a couple the perfect opportunity to relax into the day.

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  1. A very interesting eye-catching photograph . Well done


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