I recently had the pleasure of attending The Photography Farm run by the lovely Lisa Devlin. The idea behind the farm is to learn, shoot and be inspired and I certainly came away having taken some of my favourite photos, feeling more confident and made some great friends. I honestly can not put into words how much fun I had and it was great to catch up with one of my brides, the gorgeous Roo, who did the most amazing job at modelling for one of the shoots.

After the farm, I feel excited and inspired about the year ahead. Lisa put here heart and soul into the workshop and I am truly grateful for the experience. She pushed me in so many ways. To start with I was terrified by the thought of shooting in front of all those people, people who I admired and looked up to, and I was completely out of my comfort zone, having never really been a part of such a big styled shoot before. But the moment Lisa started shooting and I heard everyone’s cameras clicking, I felt at home. Thanks to Lisa’s encouragement, I know I am on the right path and I know where I want to be.  My head is full of ideas and I am looking forward to putting plans in place to stay inspired and creative and give my couples the best experience on their big day.
I hope these photos do justice to the amount of blood and sweat everyone put into the shoot.
Credits & many thanks to:
Photography Farm By Lisa Devlin ~ Photography Farm
Fashion Styling ~ Kat Williams, Rock n Roll Bride
Styling ~ Hannah Best, The Tea Set  and Jayne Sacco
Hair & Make Up ~ Elbie Van Eeden
Multi Coloured sapphire & diamond necklace, lemon quartz & diamond ring by Eden Jewellery


  1. Amazing Lisa – I love seeing all the different viewpoints of this shoot. Looks terrific!

  2. Lisa, These pictures are so you. I love every single one, beautiful work. I loved hanging out with you more and getting to know you. You are so bloody talented and I can’t wait to see what other genius photos & ideas you come up with this year. I wish you had shot my wedding. love xxxx

  3. Oh gorge Lisa. you are amazing. every photo leaves you wanting more. love seeing your work grow. xx

  4. Amazing work Lisa. Just wow! I can see you growing as a fabulous photographer with each frame. I’m loving it all.
    Beautiful, creative, stunning work with a whole lot of soul xxx

  5. These look lovely Lisa, nice work!x

  6. Erm, these are more than slightly beautiful. I love the stillness and you make it seem so intimate and like you were the only photographer there. Love them all.

  7. These are blummin’ GORGEOUS lady. Absolutely lovely. x

  8. A fabulous set of images, Lisa – that last one just takes my breath away. x

  9. I can not wait for you to shoot our wedding, these photos are truly stunning.

  10. Absolutely stunning! Creepy, beautiful, gauzy, lovely… it’s all there.

  11. Only just seen these Lisa. What gorgeous shots you’ve captured. I love your use of focus and your reflections on the farm. I’m so glad I went and I met you! xx


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