Favourite Moments – Danni & Tash

Jul 8, 2020 | wedding

Confetti at hackney Town Hall Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

I love photographing weddings and giving couples a box of memories that reflect them as a couple and their day. It’s incredible to watch a day unfold and all the little moments that happen. I will always have favourite images from a wedding, images that I connect with and remind me of all the emotions but one of the reasons I love photography so much is that someone can take a look at an image and connect with it in a different way.

All the photographs on here and on instagram have always been picked by me, images that I love but really a wedding is all about the couple and their family and friends so I decided to ask my couples to select their favourite images and tell me a little about them. It’s been amazing seeing the images a couple pick and their sotries behind them.

First up in this series is Danni and Tash who married at Hackney Town Hall and celebrated at The Tab Centre in Shoreditch

hackney town hall council chamber wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Danni recalls this moment in Hackney Town Hall Council Chamber.

‘Getting married in the council chamber at Hackney Town Hall was fantastic, it’s such an interesting room and the lack of aisle down the middle meant we could switch it up a bit with our entrances. One of the stand out elements is the balcony, where lots of our friends and family were seated. I remember feeling so nervous at the front of the room in front of everyone, then the balcony erupted with noise, clapping and cheering and I instantly felt more relaxed’

Confetti at hackney Town Hall Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

‘We owe a big thank you to Lisa for suggesting colourful confetti (biodegradable of course) and think this picture captures the colourful elements of our wedding so well, especially with our amazing flowers from Rebel Rebel.’

Shoreditch Wedding portrait by Lisa Jane Photography

‘There are so many amazing photos of Tash and I that I could pick a whole top 10 of just them. However, we love this one… an impromptu spot by Lisa and Lee on our mission around Shoreditch to get some couple photos. We sat out the front and got this quick snap, whilst some confused ladies were getting their nails done, watching on from inside. Perfectly fits as we are, in fact, …both Girls’

Speeches at Tab Centre Shoreditch Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

‘There were some great speeches at our wedding, however this photo really shows just how much of a roasting Tash received during her Best Man’s speech, and how much I was loving it.’

First dance at Tab Centre Shoreditch wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

‘There was always a level of dread thinking about the first dance. However, we actually ended up having a great time and the pictures Lisa captured were beautiful and fun at the same time. We had an amazing band, and their rendition of “Thinking of You” by Sister Sledge had everyone joining us on the dancefloor.’

tab centre shoreditch wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

‘We have already mentioned our band, The Oliver Soul Band, but they deserve a second mention. Every song was so fun and performed with so much energy. This photo is one of the last of the bunch and one that always makes us stop as say “it was an amazing party, wasn’t it?!”. The dancefloor was packed from first to last song, and the injection of more friends and family who arrived for the evening added a new lease of life too.’

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Danni & Tash for sharing these stories with me. It’s really quite special to hear the stories behind the photos.


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