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Jun 23, 2020 | wedding

confetti at the Barns at Lodge Farm Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Best Alternative Wedding Photo | Lodge Farm Barn Wedding | Lisa Jane  Photography

The Barns at Lodge Farm Wedding Photography

Weddings can be anything you want and they should be a celebration of who you are as a couple. Mark & Drew did exactly that with the most colourful celebration. They decided on a Barns at Lodge Farm wedding.  A working farm that is the perfect mix of industrial, rustic, English countryside. They chose to have a small legal ceremony in the morning and then celebrate their marriage with a humanist ceremony with all their family and friends. All my couples will know how I wax lyrical about humanist ceremonies and their ceremony did not disappoint. Their ceremony celebrated Mark & Drew’s relationship. Everying from the readings, to the songs and performances were written specifically for them. Not only do they have a bunch of incredibly talented friends but they also have the most incredible realtionships and support system, one like no other I have seen before.

We had talked a lot about confetti and how it is the most visual show of love and affection from their family and friends. These two did not disappoint in ensuring there was plenty of confetti and all the confetti canons. The moments just after their first kiss when they were announced as married is by far one of my favourites moments from any wedding. The explosion of colour and love, the sheer joy on their faces and the cheer from the guests was just wonderful!

During a little break from the guests, Mark & Drew went off to practice their first dance. Drew is an incredibly talented dancer and choreographer, so I knew their first dance would be pretty special and it did not disppoint. It was so wonderful to witness and document Mark & Drew practice the dance and their transformation into sequined tuxedos for the first dance was spectaular.

I love a good dance floor at a wedding, there is nothing better than watching everyone lets loose and dance like no one is watching. Now, a dance floor full of dancers and choregraphers is something else. From the moment Mark & Drew’s first dance finished, their family and friends descended on the dance floor. It was amazing to witness and I have never wanted to be on dance floor more than I did at this wedding. Everyone was involved, everyone was singing and EVERYONE was dancing their hearts out.

Venue: The Barns at Lodge Farm

Co-ordinator: Nina Occasion Queens

Caterers: Canababes

If you are planning a wedding at The Barns at Lodge Farm & looking for a modern, honet, documentary London wedding photographer, get in touch.  

I want to get to know you, hear all about your plans and work with you to create some lasting memories.

The Barns at Lodge Farm Wedding Photography by Lisa Jane Photography


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