I love doing engagement sessions as it allows me to hang out with my couples, chat about their wedding and generally have some fun. They get to pick their favourite place and I turn up full of excitement and nerves.  The moment I meet Angela and Paul, Angela gave me the biggest hug and then the wedding chat began. I knew it was going to great morning. As these two were talking about their wedding, their smiles grew bigger and it was infectious.  We wandered around, took some photos and laughed…a lot.

There is always a nervous anticipation when you send a couple a little package that includes their photos. It’s a waiting game, hoping they love the photos. I was especially nervous when I sent the photos to Angela and Paul but I needn’t have been. After taking a look through the photos, Angel sent me an email which said this.

‘OMG we nearly cried – the pictures are incredible! You’re such a rare talent. We love you soooo much. We’re simply gushing with excitement for the big day. 
Thank you thank you thank you. ‘

I am beyond excited about their wedding day…I just know it is going to great!


  1. I love these photos. They’re so warm, full of laughter and love šŸ™‚

  2. Love these shots Lisa, you have an amazing talent. We are SOOOOO happy to have you involved in our big day – from the planning and excitement to the photos we get to keep. We couldn’t wish for anyone better x

  3. SO much laughter in this couple, and what a wonderful response from them! They’re going to have such a joy filled wedding. Can’t wait to see the images šŸ™‚

  4. Love these, just feels like you captured the ‘warmth’ between them and always love how with your photos it feels like your intimately involved in whats going on and not just a far away observer: dope!

  5. They look so happy and romantic. I can’t wait till I also get engaged.

  6. Lisa? Did you summon the sun gods or something? where did you manage to get such gorgeous light? Lucky you. Sweet couple full of love xxx


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