parents crying during ceremony at a destination wedding Photography

Moments – The Parents

parents crying during ceremony at a destination wedding Photography

I love watching parents at weddings.  There is so much history and back story when it comes to families and it’s lovely to watch the relationships unfold on the day. Most of the time it’s pretty easy to spot the ones that will cry and I love capturing those moments as sometimes the couple won’t always see that during the ceremony.

Ceremonies are always emotional, I know I have cried at every wedding, and Aleem & Sam’s wedding was no exception. During the ceremony, while I am always focused on the couple and the little moments between them, I always take a look at the guests, looking for reactions. During the vows, I looked round to see this moment. Aleem’s mum, centre of the family, holding back tears, holding the hands of the best man and husband. Aleem’s dad, holding his wife’s hand, wiping away tears, Aleem’s sisters trying to catch their breaths and hold back the tears.  In this one photo, I saw all the love and all the support. A family brought together. A family there to cheer on Aleem & Sam, support them in any way possible. 

In this moment no words were needed. The tears, the little touches, the holding of hands say it all.


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Moments – The Parents

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