Speech at MC motors wedding

Moments – The Speech at MC Motors

The groom’s speech at MC Motors

This is it!

We did it!

Let’s celebrate!

Nothing but sheer joy and excitement from these two as Tom announced ‘my wife and I’

At most weddings, people normally sit down for dinner and then do the speeches afterwards, with everyone sat at the dinner tables.  But when I started chatting to Tom & Vicki about their day and how best to utilise their beautiful venue, I mentioned the possibility of doing the speeches standing up.  This would give them the opportunity to do the speeches before dinner meaning all the speakers could enjoy their dinner and wine without worrying about the impending speeches, but it also means it is nice and relaxed and informal. From a photography perspective, it means I get to capture lots of reactions without getting in everyones way and having to squeeze round tables.  

I’m a London based photographer focusing on creative, honest reportage wedding photography.

This isn’t traditional wedding photography, it’s all about you, telling your story, capturing the spirit of the day.  I am available to shoot elopements, weddings and family sessions in London, UK and Europe.

I’d love to get to you know and hear all about your plans so get in touch.

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