an english picnic wedding moment by Lisa Jane Photography

Moments – An English Picnic

an english picnic wedding moment by Lisa Jane Photography

I don’t know about you but I always think of nan’s, grandma’s as very prim and proper. Not in bad way, its just they were brought up in a very different time. They certainly have a very different view of the world and how things should be done so I sometime worry that when a couple do something a little different for their day that they may be a little disappointed. At every wedding I am always taken a back by how they normally just embrace the day and everything it brings. Katie and Vaughan decided on an outdoor wedding in the middle of London. Away from all they hustle and bustle of the city they found the perfect spot for a humanist ceremony and celebration. There were no formalities, just friends and family, picnic baskets and blankets and the best outdoor bar you have seen. After the ceremony and few family photos, the guests grabbed their personalised picnic baskets and found the sunniest spots on the grass so they could tuck into their picnics. I turned round to see these two grab some chairs and pick their spot in the shade.  Once settled they took off their wedding hats, kicked off their shoes and fully embraced the English picnic spirit.

Every time I look at this photo, I remember their laughter and smiles and Katie and Vaughan looking on to see their grandparents kicking back and enjoying themselves.


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Moments – An English Picnic

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