moments at a wedding

Moments – a supporting hand

moments at a wedding a supporting hand at a london wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

There’s not doubt about it, weddings are emotional and its one of the elements of my job that I love. Whether it’s tears of joy or happy smiles or tears from laughing so hard, it’s those moments at a wedding that turn a couples wedding into a much bigger story. They fill in the details, start conversations and fill in all the missing details.

This particular moment wasn’t seen by Emma & Alex, the bride and groom. There were tucked away in a little room after being married waiting for everyone to get ready for the confetti.  As the guests were picking their confetti and getting lined up, Emma’s dad, who had been full of tears during the ceremony, embraced another family member who was also full of tears.  Now while I captured the hug and the tears, I noticed his daughter, standing to the side, watching it unfold.  During the hug she grabbed his hand, a gentle touch to offer some support.



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