alternative double exposure holga wedding photography

Holga Wedding Portraits

alternative double exposure holga wedding photographyHolga Wedding Portraits

Every since I brought my holga I have been in love. My beloved holga, held together with tape is not the most professional of cameras but when she helps create images like this, I don’t really care.

I have had this camera for years and it always travels with me. Whether it’s a wedding, and engagement shoot or just a little adventure, this little camera comes with me. The film warps and she sometime doesn’t work but when she does, it is really fun.  I love bringing her out at weddings as everything has to slow down. It gives the couple a little breather from having their photo taken and it means it is time to get a little creative.  When it comes to this little camera, I try and have a little fun with double exposures.

I was taught photography many years ago and back then, digital camera’s didn’t exist, so shooting on film is always close to my heart and I love that my couples embrace this love and give me the time and space to shoot some film during their portraits. Using this camera is a much slower process and when a wedding day can be quite hectic and fast paced, it is nice to just slow it down a little.  I also love the fact that it isn’t instant. The images I take using that camera do not get seen for a little while. There is no screen to check what I am doing. It is a little bit of magic and some fingers crossed that I didn’t do too many exposures on one frame and the film has definitely wound on.  After a wedding, I drop the film off at a local lab and then sit and wait in anticipation for the film scans to hit my inbox. I’m never sure what to expect, I hope that there was enough light and that there is a couple of shots that I can use. I always hope the double exposures look good.

I’m always excited to share these photos with my couples.  They will not have seen these photos and they have probably forgotten that this little camera came out during their portraits. In some cases, my couples put in a special request, asking me to shoot as much as I can during the portraits and allowing me extra time to do, but I just love the surprise they get in the post when I send them a little set of prints.

couple kissing behind fern in a holga wedding portraitdouble exposure holga wedding portraitsMC motor holga wedding portrait creative holga wedding portraits at The Roost in LondonAlternative London elopement holga wedding photographyholga wedding portraits

I’m a London based photographer focusing on creative, honest reportage wedding photography.

This isn’t traditional wedding photography, it’s all about you, telling your story, capturing the spirit of the day.  Using a mix of digital, film on my holga and polaroids to document your day. I am available to shoot weddings and family sessions in London, UK and Europe.

I’d love to get to know you guys and hear all about your plans so get in touch and lets meet for a drink.

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Holga Wedding Portraits

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