Meet George, a friend of my niece Alice. I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with him and his parents as they wanted some nice photos to send to their families.
George has mounds of energy and doesn’t sit still, so I had lots of fun chasing him around the house while he played with his toy cars and a fantastic fire engine. The day was also quite exciting as George got his first pair of shoes. It will not be long before he is up and about and when that happens I am sure there will be no stopping him.
These are some of may favourite photos from the day and I am so happy with the results.


  1. The one of him laughing is brilliant!

  2. #s 8 & 9 are the best, looks like his Bumper……………..

  3. # 3 has the look of Willis, can George lend his father the razor next please!!

    They are all gorgeous



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