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Jul 22, 2020 | wedding

Shoreditch Pub wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

I met Pippa & Jay at Most Curious. They had such a clear vision of their day and how they wanted to celebrate. 

I asked them at the beginning of lockdown to pour some drinks, put some music on and spend an evening looking through their photos. They shared their favourite photos and moments from their wedding.

bride getting ready in Shoreditch by Lisa Jane Photography
Girls who have each other’s backs. Moments of anticipation and preparation with the people I love most in the world, and who have been there (nearly) every step of the way. The people that I can be wholly myself with and whom sharing this with meant everything 
– Pippa 

Modern london wedding photography
Just after our first look. Mixture of nerves and excitement, and a rarity to see us holding hands (we don’t usually do that!). This backdrop says ‘love’ which feels so apt and the colours pop so perfectly! 

Rich Mix Bethnal Green Wedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Trying to do your vows with your kids at your wedding. We were always going to end up with tantrums, tears, or one of them in our arms, and it wouldn’t have been our wedding without that! 

Cinema Wedding at Rich Mix by Lisa Jane Photography
We had so much fun getting creative for our wedding and making a cheesy 80s themed music video to screen at the cinema. The moment when we finally got to share it with our guests was a highlight, and I love how we can see their reactions in this photo. 

Shoreditch Pub wedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Fix up, look sharp: We love how we’re mid-adjustments in this photo and still have confetti in our hair. We loved that so many of the backdrops are graffiti art and representative of the creativity in the East End where we had so many firsts together (first date, first house, first baby!).  

wedding day bus ride through shoreditch by Lisa Jane Photography
Whilst our guests travelled from the ceremony to the reception by taxis, we chose to go by bus. The familiarity of a route that we used to take home, the buzz of London, yet a precious chance to spend a moment of calm together amidst the chaos. Passers-by congratulated us and a passenger on the bus asked to take a photo. Such a normal situation yet such a once-in-a-lifetime moment. We love that this photo is a reminder of all those juxtapositions of what our wedding was for us. 

Shoredithc wedding night time portraitWedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Windswept and close. This felt like such a magic quiet moment, before we arrived at our reception. It looks like a still, captured from a romantic scene in a film.

Speeches at London pub wedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Speeches. Unsurprisingly we didn’t do them the ’traditional’ way. And right from the start when I saw I had cut my finger and had decorated my trousers with the blood, I wasn’t going to let it stop me delivery a speech I’d worked really hard on (no, the blood didn’t come out in the dry clean!).
I’ve never been big on public displays of affection, but I knew I wasn’t getting out of this one lightly and needed to pull something out of the bag. As we met on a TV show, I made this the central point of my speech. Any nerves I had subsided pretty quickly and then I got on with the job in hand, telling Pippa how awesome she was. I think it went down well…..I think.  
– Jay 

London pub wedding by Lisa Jane Photography
Cutting the cake, with a little help from our friends. Our good friend Dexter there on stage, top class Officiant and then Reception compere. And Trudi mid-cheer when we FINALLY figured out how to cut the cake, after having to ask her how to do it (because, well, how many times do you cut a cake quite like this, in front of this many people?!). This photo reminds us of all the friends that helped make our wedding what it was and of all the love we felt from them. 

Shoreditch pub wedding by Lisa Jane Photography

Having our two kids be part of this day was huge for us. Our daughter danced on stage and sang with our Drag Queen Veronica Green, which, for her, was far more exciting than seeing her parents get married! Seeing her in her element, so happy in her own skin, was an indescribably great feeling. This photo captures her lost in the moment so well, with Pippa dancing along with her as if in the audience to her show (that’s her hand). 

These two got married at Rich Mix, had their reception at The Stags Head

Their drag queen extrordinare was Veronica Green and their incredible film makers were Loved Up film



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