Islington Town Hall Elopement Photography

Islington Town Hall Elopement

Alice & Jack

Alice & Jack decided to elope at Islington Town Hall. Rather than a big wedding, they opted for a smaller, more intimate celebration with Jack’s parents.

The Major’s Parlour at Islington Town Hall is the perfect spot for an elopement. After an emotional ceremomy where they exchanged their personal vows and wedding rings, we headed out onth the streets of Islington for a few photographs. We took shelter, in the shady spots as it was a beautiful hot summers day and wandered the canal for their portraits before heading back to the pub for some celebratory drinks.

Below is a slideshow to Alice & Jack’s Islington Town Hall Elopement photography.

Click the arrows to make it full screen and turn the volume down if you are doing a little wedding planning at work.

I really love shooting elopements. It is a real honour to be asked to be a part of such a small wedding and intimate celebration.


Islington Town Hall Elopement Photography

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