Shoot Swap – Kirsten Mavric

Sep 5, 2010 | baby photography, black and white, children, family, london

A few months back I came across The Photography Parlour. Set up by the fantastic photographer Rosie Parsons, it is a fantastic forum for photographers to get together and learn from each other.
It was through the site that I came across shoot swaps, where photographers get together and stand in front of the camera rather than behind it. It is a great opportunity to get together and live, eat and breathe photography with someone who loves photography as much as you do.
Last weekend I met up with the wonderful Kirsten Mavric  and her beautiful son Max for a shoot swap. She is an amazing portrait photographer and I find her work completely inspiring and Max is just beautiful. We had lots of fun wandering around Alexandra Palace and it was a great opportunity to talk photography. Kirsten is really supportive and after talking about my love of film photography, she was encouraging me to shoot more on film. 


  1. Max is defintiely one of the cutest kids ever! Love them all!


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