Annemarie & Tommy Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

Annemarie & Tommy

Wiltons Music Hall Wedding

What can I say about Annemarie & Tommy and their wedding. It was an absolute ball, full of their personalities. They created a day that was a true reflection of them and that is exactly what a wedding should be.

While at the hotel, Annemarie’s best friends were full of excitment, drinking champagne and enjoying the view of Tower Bridge.  Annemarie sat quietly, excitement and nerves running at full force. The morning of a wedding can be overwhelming, months, years of planning all coming to a head. While, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack was playing loud at the hotel, Tommy was at Wiltons Music Hall, getting the venue ready for the party.  Tommy is normally a buddle of laughs, all jokes but when I turned up, he was a little quiet. I think the nerves and excitement had been a little overwhelming for him as well but it all changed when Annemarie walked down the aisle. The moment he saw her, he was grinning from ear to ear, so excited to see Annemarie and for the ceremony to start.  They laughed and cried their way through the ceremony, while an oversized cardboard cut out of their dog watched on.

A champagne tower awaited the couple upstairs at Wiltons Music Hall and the party started. Tommy’s dad and sister got up to perform and there was a wonderful moment where Tommy & Annemarie stood, arms wrapped round each other, watching their family sing to them. It’s moments like this that make weddings so special.

Below is a gallery with some highlights from their wedding.


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