Sophie & Joe Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Sophie & Joe

Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Below is a slideshow gallery with some highlights from Sophie  & Joe’s Town Hall Hotel wedding.


There is something about a Town Hall Hotel wedding. The moment you walk in the door, the place feels calm. It’s a stylish hotel, beautifully decorated and that is one of the reasons Sophie  & Joe picked it for their wedding. As I walked into their room I could feel the excitement. Sophie has such a wonderful relationship that she chose to get ready with her. It was wonderful to watch her mum burst with pride as Sophie got changed into her wedding dress. It was amazing to watch and document. The closer it got to the ceremony, the more the excitement levels rose.

Sophie’s dad walked her down the aisle & he was the epitmoe of a beaming dad. Sophie held on to him tightly as she caight a glimpse of Joe & emotion overcame her. I have to say, documenting a couples reaction as they see each other is one of the best parts of the job. They couldn’t help but kiss when they met at the top of the aisle and Joe then spent the rest of the ceremony wearing a some of Sophie’s lipstick. Through giggles and tear, these two said their vows to each other. They were both so excited to be announced as husband and wife, the cheers from their guests was deafening, the way it sould be.

After the ceremony, their family & friends showered them with confetti before they got the party started. Prosecco flowed, beer was consumed and as everyone sat down to eat, the most important people in their lives got up to say a few words about them. There were tears from dad and lots of embarrassing moment from Joe’s best man and as their wedding feast began, you could see Sophie and Joe were content with how the wedding was going. All that needed to happen now was the first dance.

These are just a few words Sophie had to say about the day and their wedding photos.
‘Photography was a really big deal for me and Joe. Our style is more candid, wanting to capture the day naturally as it was unfolding, and finding someone that has an eye for the little things, the detail, the beautiful moments not always seen but that you want to remember. The thought of posing for endless group shots whilst someone barked instructions at us over a two hour stretch was terrifying (trust me it’s happened in so many weddings!) so someone opposite to this tradition, that had a plan around group shots (Lisa sticks to 8 and you give her everyone’s names before the day so it’s quick, smooth and painless) was essential.
I met Lisa at Most Curious Wedding Fair and really liked her and her style! The fact she took us to the pub to get to know us both before we booked her was brilliant, she further put us at ease with her advice, like that time together for portraits is important as the rest of the day you don’t get much time just the two of you alone to indulge in the fact you just did something huge, and exciting together. She wasn’t wrong, we really enjoyed this part of the day once we eased into it, and Lisa was amazing throughout, even helping calm my crazy mix of emotions on the morning by checking in with me constantly whilst everyone was buzzing around busy getting ready. The fact she sets you up with a date night the day your photos are ready is pure genius, drip feeding the video then the online gallery into our inboxes for a time we were both home. It was really emotional, like re-living our day all over again. We couldn’t be happier with her beautiful, real shots of us, our loved ones and our day.’


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