Laura & Alex Rosewood Hotel Elopement

Laura & Alex

Rosewood Hotel London Elopement

For a couple an elopement is intimate, often quiet and laid back. It is romantic and planned out. An oportunity to be just the two of you and in a way, fall in love all over again.  For me, it is an honour to be there, to sign the papers and both witness and document a couples pledge to each other. I am witness to all the little details of a relationship, the moments that go unseen at times.

Laura & Alex found me at Most Curious and I spent about half an hour chatting to them.  We talked about the importance of photography and documenting all the big and little milestones.  A few days later, I got a email from them and we met in the pub to chat about their elopement and make some plans.

When it came to the day itself, they both got ready together, in the first home together, with their cat…who really didn’t want to be photographed. We hopped into a beautiful car and drove through London to get to their ceremony. Short and sweet and still emotional, I stood and witnessed their vows to each other. We all signed the legal papers and got back into the car to wander the streets of London and take some photos in celebration. We stopped off for hot chocolate to warm up before heading to the Rosewood to get a little quiet and to let Laura & Alex relax and let the events of the day sink in.


Documenting your day, seeking out the moments, telling your story.