Personal – Looking back

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In the run up to xmas, I spent a morning sitting in a coffee shop, catching up with a good friend. We spent all morning chatting while the winter sun shone outside. The weather was so good, rather than get the tube to my studio,  I decided to walk. So I turned on my ipod, put my headphones in and set foot on route to the studio.  Now anyone that has spent ANY time with me knows that I end up taking photos where ever I go. This day was no different so with my iphone in hand I weaved my way through the back streets taking photos of the things I saw around me.

When I got back to the studio I sat down to edit the photos I had taken and was suddenly flooded with memories of this building.

I can still remember the first time I photographed this building. 17yrs old, hiding behind long hair and glasses, headphones firmly lodged in my ears, ripped jeans and DM’s. My first slr in my hands and some black and white film.  I was just starting my journey with photography, trying to remember all the techniques I had learnt and put them into practice.  At this point, it was just a hobby, a little escape from all the essay writing of my other classes.  I was quite and shy, didn’t speak out in class, scared of photographing people and still trying to figure out who I was.

What a difference 16 years makes. Never did I think I would be here right now, taking photos for a living, putting the final touches to my first exhibition, being nominated as a ‘Rising Star’, teaching other photographers,  surrounded by some of the most amazing and supportive friends, finally getting comfortable in my own skin.

This picture has brought back so many memories and put a few things into perspective. It has also been a reminder about the power of photography and how a single image can have such an impact.  Every image is important, is significant and has value.

What was once a dream, and a dream that felt completely unachievable, has actually become a reality.  I feel completely humbled that I get to create and capture, that my dream of being a photographer actually came true, that all the hard work paid off.

The start of 2015 has been pretty amazing and overwhelming and I can not wait to see what else is in store.

Personal – Looking back

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