Emma & Ajay Waddeson Manor Wedding

Emma & Ajay

Waddeson Manor Wedding

When a couple tells you they have a secured Waddeson Manor for their portraits and that they will be having a humanist ceremony and owls will be present, who wouldn’t get excited.  Emma & Ajay put all their personality into their wedding, everyone there said they could see these two in every element of the day, from the intro music to their personal vows, to the decoration and the food, and that is exactly how it should be. Everything had a personal touch and you could tell these two had spent a lot of time pulling together all the plans for the day.  Emma & Ajay were totally invested in the photography and we took a special trip to Waddeson Manor for their portraits. We were graced with about 5 minutes of gorgeous light before the skies clouded over and we managed to finish their photographs before the heavens opened.  We were safely back in the car when it started to rain and as they walked back into the village hall they were greeted with a lot of love and support. When I left at the end of the night, the dance floor was full and every one was tucking into the sweetie bar and home made biscuits…Emma made sure I had a few for my train journey home.

Below is a slideshow gallery with some highlights from their wedding. It will automatically play but feel free to click through the images