Asylum and Coin Laundry Wedding

Daisy & Joe

Daisy & Joe planned their wedding from a far but despite their distance this was a homegrown family wedding. Family and friends chipped in to help with flowers, the wedding cake & goodie bags for the bus ride.

In what was a beautiful ceremony at The Asylum, they then headed on a classic red bus to the Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market. Daisy’s attention to detail was beautiful. From her gorgeous Rue de Seine dress to the beautiful airbnb she picked for getting read to the table decorations, this was a carefully planned day that was all about them. The most wonderful part of their day was watching as their friend and family surrounded them, showering them with love. This was an opportunity for them to see friends they haven’t seen in some time while also celebrating a long awaited marriage. Above all else, that is what a wedding is all about…bringing together the ones you love!

Below is a slideshow gallery with some highlights from their wedding.

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